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Mapfre and Swiss Life Group re-explore investment opportunities in the real estate market and create an adventurous joint.

Mapfre and Swiss Life Group entities create a joint venture to invest in the real estate market that is already born with a volume of assets valued at 400 million, located in Spain and Italy.

Verti Italia will also participate indirectly in this company through the purchase of a share of the Italian fund for the equivalent of 17.4% of its value.

In the distribution of functions, Mapfre will carry out the management of the assets located in Spain, performing Mapfre Inversión the functions of investment advisor and Servimap will be in charge of the management of the properties (property manager).

For its part, a Swiss Life Group entity will provide asset management services located outside Spain. Swiss Life Asset Managers France (SLAM), the swiss insurer's real estate arm, serves as investment advisor.

Info: Insurance Group

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